Monday, September 12, 2016

Hey, You.

I was supposed to write something special on your birthday, because I got hopeless looking for a gift for you while we were at the mall--you doing your usual phone calls, and me, well, roaming around waiting for you to finish. After walking from end to end and finding nothing, I decided to just drag you to Barcino, so that we can take a break and do a little celebrating.

So off we went to dinner on the eve of your birthday, me wanting to order my favorite bottle of wine to go with the delectable chorizo and callos, but you weren't really up for it, because well, you still had loads of work to do, and getting buzzed won't make it any easier.

"Thank you for putting up with me. I know I'm not an easy husband work-wise," you often say.

And I just smiled, because, while that statement is true, I still find it a blessing.

And so today, a week after your birthday, I am reliving my dead blog and dedicating my first post of 2016 to you, the love of my life.

Dearest Mitor,

Marrying you was the easiest decision I've ever made, and every single day I am grateful for having a husband who knows what he wants in life and never backs down from a fight, with such a positive energy topped with a smile so radiant that I can't resist even when I'm pissed.

I often wonder how our life would be like five, ten years from now, and all I see underneath all the fancy wants and needs is this: you and me, still holding hands, living, loving, and learning.

Parenthood was something that turned our world into a crazy adventure, what with hospital emergencies (which I'm hoping will be the last) to yaya problems and renovation nightmares that brought adulting to a whole new level. After all the sh*t we went through, we just proved to ourselves that we can conquer anything, as long as we're together.

Seeing how you are with our daughter fills my heart with joy, and I know that she will grow up to be a fine woman with a beautiful heart, just like her Daddy.

Know that I appreciate all the hard work you've been doing since day one, and I hope and pray that soon enough, we can slow down and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Until that day comes, I shall continue to support you and make you feel loved every minute, every day. I may still complain, but you know, that's just me being me. Har.

So cheers to you, my darling. Thank you for being you. I am here to hold your hand and hug you tight as we go through life together. Nothing worth having comes easy, and I'm sure as hell that with all your efforts, our dreams will soon be a reality.

Happy birthday!

Love always always,


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