Monday, February 3, 2014

The Dining Area Project: Overview and Progress

Now that we're done with the home office, let's move on to our dining area! Presenting... before photos.

 This photo made me sad for two reasons: 
1. The whole area looks so gloomy! 
2. I miss my 2012 body! Huhuhu

Anywayyyy, as you can see the room also has a big mirror like the living room. It actually came from a salon that Mitor's family used to own back in the '90s. Again, lots of sentimental value.

Rattan and metal dining chairs with stained cushions

China cabinet turned bookshelf and bills rack

Of wires, machines, books, and all that paper. (Say hi to Yaya Del!)

Again, first order of business was to clear all the clutter. Most people find that task daunting, but really, all you need to do is to put everything where they're supposed to be--books in bookshelves, bills in file folders, medicines in a medicine drawer. Pretty basic, actually.


Just like the home office, I had the walls painted gray with white accents. I also replaced the cabinet door handles to give it an upgrade and then took out my mom-in-law's china and bought a couple more tea sets because it has always been one of my secret obsessions. #alamniyonareregaloniyosaken

Next was to find a way to add character to the huge mirror. Who would've thought that I'd find inspiration in our office pantry? Eating alone and staring blankly at walls really helps sometimes, people. Try it. LOL

Instant peg

So I told my carpenter that I wanted some sort of pattern made of wood to be placed on top of the mirror. After three drawings, we agreed on a simple big and small rectangle combo.

I also found this plant box in Metro Department Store and thought it would be pretty when turned white. So I bought three pieces. Hee.

Excited to see the how everything worked out? That's coming up next! :)

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