Monday, February 17, 2014

HIT LIST: Embroidery Services at Metro Department Store

Whoever invented the gift registry thing, you are a freakin' genius. Unlike some people who prefer getting surprise presents, I like telling people what I want and I think it goes both ways. I mean, I love giving gifts, too, and it makes shopping a lot more easier if there's a wish list I can refer to. So for our wedding, Mitor and I registered at Rustan's and we were so delighted that 90% of our guests bought everything from our list! Yay! *happy dance*

Here's one of the many gifts we received:

Plush white towels from my former boss Frances and her husband Vince. Thanks, guys!

We specifically picked out these white towels because we have black tiles on the master bath so we wanted to work around a black and white palette. I know that sharing is caring but I'm pretty anal with the his-and-hers towel situation so I brought them all to my fave wasteland, Metro Department Store, to have them embroidered.

Embroidery Rates

Unlike other embroidery services who can only do simple letters, the one in Metro Dept. Store can also do intricate logos and monograms--you just have to pay for the programming fee. I initially wanted to have a monogram designed, but scrapped the idea when I did the math. But if you have a bigger budget, I highly suggest that you go for a customized monogram para mas clazz!

These are just some of the many fonts you can choose from

Spools of thread in all shades you can think of

So I went for simple block letters, wrote our initials, and picked out two shades of blue. After two weeks, our plain towels turned into this: 

Mr. and Mrs.

MVA and KRA hangin' out

I'm planning another trip to the embroidery guys soon, so stay tuned! :)

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