Sunday, February 2, 2014

HIT LIST: Acrylic Window Sticker

I love it whenever I discover random (plus points if affordable) things, so I'm going to start this Hit List section for my OMG-I-can't-believe-there's-such-a-thing moments. First on my list is a product from Japan: the acrylic window sticker. I chanced upon this wicked wonder in Ace Hardware while we were in the middle of renovations, which was around November 2012.

Remember I told you about this old wood vertical cabinet that I forgot to take a "before" photo of? I did, however, take a snap of one of the cabinet doors while in the middle of the restoration process.

One would think that the glass surface is just covered with a ton of dust that can be removed with soap and water, but no. It is quite dirty to the point that the glass looked like shit. LOL. Sorry I'm running out of adjectives here.

So my initial idea was to cover the glass with wallpaper, but I was skeptical since you know, it's glass. Does wallpaper even work with glass? I really had no idea and had no time to Google back then so I just went straight to Ace Hardware to look for something, anything. And voila, I found this:

The best part? These acrylic window stickers can be bought per meter for around P150! 
Just what I needed!

They also gave me this easy guide, which, of course, I turned over to the carpenter. Haha. But look, it ain't complicated at all! All you need is WATER!!! Awesome, right?

Finished product

Pretty cool, huh? Thank God for the Japanese! :)

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