Monday, December 8, 2014

Oh By The Way, I'm Pregnant

Guess who's going to be a mom soon? I am! My pregnancy came as a surprise (more on that here) but we are so thrilled, nonetheless. Sharing with you my maternity photos--31 weeks along the way--shot on location at Aquaverde, Batangas.

More photos after the jump!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Real Estate Feature: Good Housekeeping, November 2014

I've never written anything close to 3,000 words in my entire life, so when Good Housekeeping's Maita de Jesus asked me if I can produce this story for them, I was shit scared. I think I even declined the first time (haha!) but dear Maita told me to give it my best shot.

So here you go, my first byline for a huge feature, shared with no other than the greatest Real Estate Broker in town, Mitor Alipio. Hee. We hope this can handbook can help you make the right decisions when you're ready to purchase your very first dream home.

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

The One Where I Left My Fashion Job

After working in fashion for six years, I finally decided to take a step back and do the unexpected: dive into real estate. I've been with my husband long enough to know how hard it is to be in this industry, and how greedy (and sometimes stupid) people can get especially when big money is involved. Many people do wonder why I left the job I've always dreamed of, considering that I get to earn a decent living writing about clothes and all that fun and fluff, versus selling and leasing out properties.

Well, two things: One, it's not all fun and fluff. Working in fashion is not a joke, it is hard work. And two, it's all because of LOVE.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Good Housekeeping Feature, July 2014

Aaaaand I'm back! Before I explain my absence, let me first show you this cool home makeover feature from Good Housekeeping Philippines. Four pages, baby! Wowza!

Monday, February 17, 2014

HIT LIST: Embroidery Services at Metro Department Store

Whoever invented the gift registry thing, you are a freakin' genius. Unlike some people who prefer getting surprise presents, I like telling people what I want and I think it goes both ways. I mean, I love giving gifts, too, and it makes shopping a lot more easier if there's a wish list I can refer to. So for our wedding, Mitor and I registered at Rustan's and we were so delighted that 90% of our guests bought everything from our list! Yay! *happy dance*

Here's one of the many gifts we received:

Plush white towels from my former boss Frances and her husband Vince. Thanks, guys!

We specifically picked out these white towels because we have black tiles on the master bath so we wanted to work around a black and white palette. I know that sharing is caring but I'm pretty anal with the his-and-hers towel situation so I brought them all to my fave wasteland, Metro Department Store, to have them embroidered.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Christmas in February

This was our midnight snack on the eve of Valentine's Day, after driving to two malls hoping to score tickets to the Toni-Piolo movie. Imagine all cinemas were sold out! Eh malay ko ba na ganon pala sila ka-big deal? LOL 

So after our failed attempt to a spontaneous movie night, I whipped up this red-themed snackity-snack at home--sparkling grape juice, strawberry jam, and quezo de bola--which were all gifts from last Christmas! A lot better than another burger and fries combo from the drive-thru, yes?

Happy Hearts Day! :) 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Dining Area Project: Finale

And here we are again! Without further ado, simply scroll down for before and after photos. :)



Repainted and reupholstered chairs



"After" photos by Owee Salva-Yulo

Come to think of it, I just did three simple things: de-clutter, repaint, and a little carpentry/reupholstery! Expenses on this side were very minimal, since I didn't really purchase anything big. I was actually itching to buy new dining chairs but it was too costly, so this is what I came up with. Not bad, right? :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Dining Area Project: Overview and Progress

Now that we're done with the home office, let's move on to our dining area! Presenting... before photos.

 This photo made me sad for two reasons: 
1. The whole area looks so gloomy! 
2. I miss my 2012 body! Huhuhu

Anywayyyy, as you can see the room also has a big mirror like the living room. It actually came from a salon that Mitor's family used to own back in the '90s. Again, lots of sentimental value.

Rattan and metal dining chairs with stained cushions

China cabinet turned bookshelf and bills rack

Of wires, machines, books, and all that paper. (Say hi to Yaya Del!)

Again, first order of business was to clear all the clutter. Most people find that task daunting, but really, all you need to do is to put everything where they're supposed to be--books in bookshelves, bills in file folders, medicines in a medicine drawer. Pretty basic, actually.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

HIT LIST: Acrylic Window Sticker

I love it whenever I discover random (plus points if affordable) things, so I'm going to start this Hit List section for my OMG-I-can't-believe-there's-such-a-thing moments. First on my list is a product from Japan: the acrylic window sticker. I chanced upon this wicked wonder in Ace Hardware while we were in the middle of renovations, which was around November 2012.

Remember I told you about this old wood vertical cabinet that I forgot to take a "before" photo of? I did, however, take a snap of one of the cabinet doors while in the middle of the restoration process.

One would think that the glass surface is just covered with a ton of dust that can be removed with soap and water, but no. It is quite dirty to the point that the glass looked like shit. LOL. Sorry I'm running out of adjectives here.

Friday, January 31, 2014

HOW TO: Decoupage a Boring Cork Board

Now that you've seen our home office, time for some DIY tutorials! I first heard about decoupage in one of my fave sites, A Beautiful Mess. They featured a project that involved Instagram photos posted on a 12x12 blank canvass which, by the way, I'm also planning to do when I have the time (but I don't think that will happen soon). Hee. So since then, I got obsessed with Modge Podge! I bought mine via my BFF Michelle who's based in LA (it wasn't available here at that time), along with other crafty tools like the 1-inch flat brush and a roller. 

Initially, I wanted a nice magnetic board for the office but we're kinda on a budget (plus I wanna try the Modge Podge, yes, that's really the main reason) so I decided to get cheap cork boards from The SM Store stationery section instead.  

Only P69.75 each!

First on the agenda was to paint the borders white to blend in with the hanging shelves. Read on for the step-by-step process below. 

 1. Prep your tools: all you need is a thin paint brush and a roll of masking tape 
2. Tape all corners to protect the cork from getting painted on.
3. Paint! Don't forget to put old newspaper underneath to catch all paint drips because you can get clumsy, you know. 
4. Let it dry for at least two hours and then peel off the masking tape.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Home Office Project: Finale

Most people who visit us for the first time can't get enough of our office. Well, after seeing how horrible the situation was before, I really made sure to come up with something more than decent for my husband who works from home 75% of the time. Gotta be always inspired to work to have money for the bills, right? LOL

So after a week of fixing, painting, and decorating, here's our finished product:

Photos by Owee Salva-Yulo

The Home Office Project: Overview and Progress

I don't think I need to explain much about my absence, simply put, two Christmases happened. Heehee. Where did my 2013 go? Haha, to be honest, I was surprised to see this draft I wrote last January...of last year. Yes, this post is way, way overdue! So anyway, let's get it on, shall we? Ladies and gents, may I present to you my next area in focus:  The Home Office.

 My husband's work area

Ref in the corner

View from the living room 
(we folded the table, just in case you're wondering where it went)