Sunday, November 25, 2012

The TV Area Project: Overview

Hello, I'm back! So to continue with my renovation series, I now present to you Project #2: The TV Area! For those who missed Project #1: The Living Room, simply click here.

For a complete lounging-in-the-living-room experience, of course you need a nice entertainment system, and I'm not just talking about the appliances. Sure, you have a 46" TV and state-of-the-art sound system, but you must see to it that the area doesn't look like an appliance store. In short, you need to treat the space as a whole--the shelves and what you put on it matters, too. Again, to relate it to fashion... having a designer bag is useless if you're pairing it with a ratty duster and flip flops. 

This is how our old TV area looked like:

Since we're on a budget, we can't afford a kick ass TV, so I made sure to prettify the area with my cool finds. And because I'm a sucker for sales and promos, these are the stuff that we purchased:

A 32-inch LED HD TV from the S&R Member's Treat Sale

Random home decor. Yes, I tend to hoard. Don't judge.
This was during the SM Homeworld Sale at Megatrade Hall last Sept.

 Contents of the box. 
You'll find these pieces scattered around the house in future posts.

 See, it's so cheap!!!

 Birdcage from Metro Dept Store in Market! Market! 
and another plant from Miura

Then we asked our contractor to repaint the wall, fix the shelves, and add knobs on the cabinet doors. Want to see the final product? That's coming up next! :)


  1. cute pieces! i'm a sucker for sales and great bargains too! and i know a couple of our relatives who are HOARDERS as well hahaha :)

    1. Hahaha, I think hoarding runs in the family! Yeah, walang thrill when you pay for full price. Mitor always teases me when I go to sales..."well, nakatipid ka ba ng 50% or napagastos ka lang ng 50% ?" LOL