Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Living Room Project: Progress

Now that we're all set with the concept and costing, the first step was to remove the mirrored cabinet.

It took 5 men to take it down

Initially, we thought the whole thing was antique, and we were surprised to find out that only the doors were made of narra and the rest of the structure was just ordinary plywood. So we just preserved the doors and stored them upstairs, just in case Mitor's mom wants to rebuild it.

Step 2 was to repaint the wall. I super love Boysen's Virtuoso line! I think it took me at least 20 minutes before I was able to decide on which shade of aqua to use. My peg's more on the green side, but I took the blue-ish route so it won't be too girly. Well, that's what I think. Haha! Check it out!

 I can see clearly now...

...the rain is gone.

Paint can really do wonders, I tell ya. Aside from having lots of swatches to choose from, what I love about this particular brand is that it's matte, quick dry, and odor-less! 

Next step: DECORATE! Here's our shopping list:

 #1: An L-shaped sofa...

...that turns to a sturdy bed

With bonus storage! :) 
Thanks for the wedding gift, Manang P, C, M and the rest of the Kennedy fambam!

#2 Small ottoman (guess what fabric we chose!)

#3 Floor lamp
#4 Ceramic stool

#5 Curtains
#6 Christmas decor (haha!) BTW, that wooden chest is antique, we just had it revarnished

#7 White photo frames

#8 Throw pillows and covers
#9 Shag rug

and last but not the least...
#10 A husband to pay for everything (kidding, kidding) :p

Put them all together and this is what you'll see


  1. Hahaha. I just started reading this page. I like your last comment about Mitor. And of course I like the outcome of the room best. Just wondering what you did with the wooden furniture. Are they the ones left outside the house?

    1. Hi! One wooden bench was placed outside and then the smaller one is now located by the stairs, beside the TV area :)