Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Living Room Project: Overview

Let's start, shall we?

Remember when I said I was sooo excited to decorate? Well, let me give you a short brief first. 

This townhouse is owned by Mitor's parents--a simple, techie couple who's more into function than design. As long as it works, they're fine. You need something to sit on? Here's a random chair. You need to cover the windows? Here's a piece of cardboard that you can use (I'm not kidding). So when the family decided to move here about 10 years ago, they brought most of their stuff with them and tried to squeeze everything in. Case in point: the living room.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

So the living room's main attraction is that huge antique mirrored cabinet which was owned by Mitor's great grandmother (hence, the sentimental value). The two armchairs came from an old office, then the wood bench is antique, too.

Clutter corner

View from the dining area

Since I moved here last July, I've been daydreaming of ways to transform this place without spending too much. After thorough research on Pinterest (haha!), I came up with a country meets shabby chic concept, which was somewhat an extension of our wedding theme. Hee. 

Aqua and gray. Photo from here

Color swatches. Photo from here

Aqua and chevron. Photo from here

Curious to see the renovation process? Move on to Part 2!

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  1. I can so relate with squeezing the stuff as long as its functionable. My parents does the same. nakakapiss off na nga sometimes. I'm throwing out the furnitures but they kept on putting it back again sa sala. I guess that's how their generation values stuff.. :D