Wednesday, November 21, 2012

HOW TO: Photo Wall

Perfectly painted walls are cool, but it doesn't stop there. Just like fashion, a plain tee will look much much better if you put on some bling. You can easily bring character to your space by hanging some artwork that best reflects your personality. Paintings are top of mind, but for some (like us) who wants something more personal, photo walls are a much better and cheaper alternative.

So how to begin? First and foremost, know your proportions. How big is the space and how many frames do you want to include? Here are sample layouts to choose from:

And then say adios to old school hooks because double-sided velcro now reigns supreme in the wall game.

Easy instructions at the back

But if you want something more visual, here ya go!

Step 1: Arrange the frames then wipe the back surface
These are our favorite wedding snaps, printed in black and white

Step 2: Take a set of strip...

 ...and fold to bind them together forever

 Step 3: Peel one side...

...then stick 'em on the corners of your frame

  Step 4: Peel the other side of the velcro then stick the frames on the wall. Press for at least 30 seconds to make sure it stays put. 
Better to have someone to throw voice commands at you, like up up down down left right left right, you know? 
If it's tabingi, it's his fault, not yours. LOL

 And we're done!

Say hello to my husband, who blends in with the sofa! Haha!

Do you also have a photo wall in your home? Show it here!


  1. Kalurks! I have the same damage-free hanging churva at home! But I haven't put up my frames yet. Grumble. My frames are the color of your/our wall. But they're grouped together already. Hmmm...

    1. Haha, because we're super friends like duttt! Work on your photo wall na! Demanding? Haha

    2. Oks-oks-oks. I will. Hopefully during the long weekend :-)

  2. i want my own photo wall someday! sa dami nga lang ng pics, i wouldn't know where to start hahaha!

    1. oh yeah you've got tons! maybe choose photos from the super important events like your wedding or honeymoon! dun palang you can complete a set na! :)