Saturday, November 17, 2012


Hi, my name is Kabbie and I am a design addict. Actually, I'm a fashion editor by profession but I've always had a secret love affair with decorating ever since my parents built our home in 2005. I was raised in a small rented townhouse in the city with my two older siblings, our dear yaya, and three dogs. Yes, that's a total of nine warm-blooded creatures (with puberty issues) cramped in a 3-BR, 2-storey home and naturally, the perfect formula for chaos. Aside from having too much stuff and not enough space, there were also lots of fighting over the TV (we only had one), the bathroom (also just one), and the computer (you guessed it right).

So chaos was something I grew up with, but thanks to mom, she turned our home into a beautiful mess. She has a knack for making things look pretty and organised without spending a fortune, and I guess that's where I got my bargain-hunting skills and semi-OCness from (yes, I'm not yet a Monica, but I love her to bits). So even if our house was small, it looked nice, comfy, and very homey.

But having a new and bigger abode was something that we've always dreamt about. It really was our family's biggest dream. And then as fate would have it, we moved out of the apartment and built our very own house when I turned twenty.

My bedroom at the new house was sort of my first design project, but at that time designing meant only choosing the color of the walls and working on my closet. Haha! I imagined so many things I can do with my room, but back then I was living on a small salary (or blame it on the overspending on clothes) and I figured it'll be pointless to spend on it since I'll move out eventually anyway. That's when I started developing a keen interest in decorating, with a mindset of what my home will look like when I get married.

Fast forward to June 29 2012, when I happily tied the knot to my one great love, Mitor. Moving out was something I was excited about because aside from the obvious--new beginnings, etc--I can finally decorate! And since my husband's family already migrated in the US, they allowed us to stay in their home until further notice. Although that meant free rent (yay!), it also came with heaps and heaps of clutter (eeep!). Hence, the birth of Style Hits Home.

Welcome to my decorating blog, everyone! This site aims to document my room makeovers and share my cool finds, fun crafts, and random ideas. I hope this can inspire you to inject some style into your homes, deal with the chaos head on, and create your own perfect formula that equates to a lovely space that you can call your own.